BlockChain DevFest

Saturday, Jun 29, 2024 09:00 AM GMT+3 to 05:30 PM GMT+3
MOTIV Uganda, Old Port Bell Road, Kampala, Uganda, 7k Old Port Bell Rd, Kampala, UgandaShow map

Themed "Towards a MultiChain Future", the Blockchain DevFest's third edition is more action packed than ever before. With a blend of Industry experts as speakers and the best-in-class Hackathon running from 25th-28th June 2024,DevFest 2024 is more than a Blockchain Conference. Comment Suggest edit Edit from here

Structure: The Hackathon: The Hackathon,"Solving real world Challenges" will run in a hybrid fashion from 25th through 28th June with the following tracks:

DeFi (Decentralized Finance) This track focuses on creating financial applications that operate without traditional banks. Projects can include: Lending and borrowing platforms Decentralized exchanges (DEXs) Yield farming protocols Stablecoins and synthetic assets

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) Projects in this track explore the use of unique digital assets on the blockchain. Possible applications include: Digital art and collectibles NFT marketplaces Gaming assets and in-game items Real estate tokenization

DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) This track focuses on building tools and frameworks for DAOs. Potential projects include: Governance models and voting mechanisms Treasury management systems DAO creation and management platforms Social coordination tools

Social Impact and Sustainability Projects aim to leverage blockchain for social good. Areas might include: Transparent charitable donations Supply chain transparency Environmental tracking and carbon credits Identity and access management for underserved populations

Web3 Infrastructure Focuses on building the backbone of decentralized applications. Projects can include: Layer 2 scaling solutions Cross-chain bridges and interoperability Decentralized storage solutions (IPFS, Arweave) Developer tools and SDKs

Gaming and Metaverse Projects that integrate blockchain with gaming and virtual worlds. Examples include: Blockchain-based games Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) experiences Metaverse integrations Play-to-earn models

Privacy and Security This track is about enhancing privacy and security in blockchain applications. Projects might include: Zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) Secure multi-party computation Decentralized identity solutions Encryption protocols

Health and Wellness Projects that use blockchain to improve healthcare and wellness services. Potential ideas include: Medical record management Telemedicine platforms Health data interoperability Wellness incentive programs

Enterprise Solutions Focuses on blockchain applications for businesses. Possible projects include: Supply chain management Document verification and notarization Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems Corporate governance tools

Education and Knowledge Sharing Projects aimed at improving education through blockchain. Examples include: Decentralized learning platforms Credential verification Incentive models for knowledge sharing Educational content marketplaces

Hackathon Sponsors so far include: Celo , Base, Lisk, SafariDAO, Circle and Unlock. Hackathon Execution Partners include : https://www.Web3bridge.com , https://www.ayahq.com/ , https://www.web3clubs.io/ and https://www.kibokodao.org

Other Potential Sponsors: Ethereum foundation, Avalanche, Starknet,Hyperlane, Lit,Push , NounsDAO, Masa & Metis.

This event is over. It is not possible to register for it anymore.